Friday, June 26, 2009

New Asus design = Commodore?

Last week, I posted about new technology (Twitter) being used on an old platform (Commodore 64). Today I saw a video from CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2009 for a new "Netbook" style Asus computer: using a design that reminds me a considerable amount or the Commordore 64 and Vic 20 form factors. If you remember: the entire computer was housed entirely in the "keyboard" assembly, with all the ports directly on it, which hooked up to an external display. Asus new design also takes a full sized keyboard (albeit much smaller then the Commodore case) and sticks an entire computer in it...albeit with a small touch screen display on the side, about the size of a regular PDA screen. Together you have a light weight machine about the size of a keyboard capable of web browsing and email checking as well as other common activities which is entirely mobile.

I think the really neat thing about these machine though is the video outputs it carries which allow it to hook up to an ordinary sized screen. The keyboard has a HDMI connection which would (in theory) allow for some high definition videos to be played like a media player. The second laptop is also nifty: the regular touch pad replaced with a touch screen which can run its own independant computer which perform tasks without the main computer ever being booted.

The video for the Asus machines is here:

Also on the go are two new Thinkpads: one nice and small and the second extremely large with a secondary pull out screen. You can check them out here:

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