Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Lego Computer...and more wacky cases

I was a massive Lego kid as a child. Whether it was space ships (which it usually was) or cars, air planes, or bionic suits, I had an active imagination and Lego skills to boot. Others liked K'nex or Megablocks but for me it was Lego all the way.

Which is why I really liked seeing this in my feeds: a computer case made entirely out of Lego!

Now believe it or not, this isn't the first Lego case I've seen. There are two other neat ones here and here.

In fact, I think case modding is really cool and something I hope to get into in the future. The site I linked to above,, has a number of unique cases created around the "Mini-itx" form factor: a full fledged x86 computer on a mother board no more then 17 by 17 cm square. Given it's small size, it can be built into a variety of unique cases, though full size boards are also put into modded cases. I suggest to browse about the site and get some ideas for your own! Something a little nicer to look at than the traditional boxes :)

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